Our Tree Packages

Tree Simple Process

Our Tree Nursery is just the beginning of our Tree Simple Process.


The Tree Simple Process refers to your entire purchase experience; from reading the document below to our crews planting the tree package on your property. At Green Simple, we believe in making your life, well, simple! 


We believe in extreme attention to detail, using locally grown trees, and using only full bodied and healthy trees.


All of our trees are locally grown, in North Georgia, with the utmost care and dedication to making sure they are full bodied, and healthy.


We bring them from our nursery to your property, all included in one price!

We offer 5 different tree packages to fit all of your needs! We offer a  package of 3, 5, 7, 9, and a Mix & Match option. 

Download our Informational PDF

Green Simple Tree Packages (pdf)